5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Window Cleaning Company

Clean windows can improve the look and feel of your home’s interior and curb appeal. Whether your foyer windows are impossible to reach or you simply do not have the time, here are 5 great benefits of hiring a professional window cleaning company.

1. Recognizing Problems
The Window Cleaning Experts can spot and identify problems associated with windows in general, such as wood rot on sills, damaged screens, sashes that are painted shut, & broken seals on double-paned windows. Early detection can save large expenses later.
2. Insect Infestation Removal
Hornets, bees, and wasps tend to build nests behind shutters & in between storm windows. In some cases, the nests/insects make the window hard to operate, not to mention the danger of the pests gaining access to your home.
3. Extend the Life of Your Windows!
Over a period of years, aluminum screens left in place for an extended period of time will etch deposits on the glass. Etched glass is prone to cracks & chips. At The Window Cleaning Experts, thru regular cleanings, we can remove the deposits in most cases & restore the glass to it’s glowing radiance while adding years to the life of the window.
4. The Use of Proper Cleaning Products
Do you have stained or leaded glass windows? Most homeowners do not realize that cleaning these types of windows with an ammonia-based product could eventually cloud windows permanently. The Window Cleaning Experts’ technicians only use Dawn Dish Detergent, a gentle alternative, which will not harm your glass. They may also provide helpful tips to keep those windows safe & sparkling!
5. Determining the Causes of spots
Myth: Rain causes spots & makes windows dirty.
Fact: Rain does NOT cause spots OR make windows dirty.
Contributing factors such as salt, dirt, and plant residue adhere to an unclean window. When the rain arrives, the grime on the glass will cause spots. Believe it or not, even mulch is a culprit of spotting your windows. Fungus spores in the mulch will glue themselves to siding and windows very quickly. Let the professionals at The Window Cleaning Experts guide you in keeping your windows clean longer.


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