Blind Cleaning

Blind Cleaning

The blinds on your windows collect a lot of dust and debris, and they aren’t a household item that is easy to keep clean with your daily or weekly chores. Sometimes, you can quickly wipe them off with a wet sponge or dust them off with a mop or hand-held device. However, this is not going to give them the deep cleaning that they need and deserve. To keep your blinds looking great and working like they should, you will need to get them regularly cleaned by a professional.

Fortunately for you, here at Window Cleaning Experts, in addition to cleaning the glass and frames of your windows, we can also clean the blinds at the same time. This will typically range from $10-15 for each blind. We can work on all styles and varieties, including: Venetian, mini, and vertical blinds.

Add-On Services

Our team at Window Cleaning Experts offers our blind cleaning service as an additional add-on service to our normal window cleaning services. Ask our window cleaning tech about having your blinds cleaned when getting your quote or while we are cleaning your windows.

The Process

We will remove the blinds and sit them outside. They are cleaned thoroughly. Once washed off, we will get them dry and get them re-installed. We recommend getting them cleaned 2 times a year. It can help to prevent the build-up of dirt, dust, and allergens which could be making you sneeze or have irritated eyes every time you go to open them!

Our team can also sit down and discuss one-on-one with you about a cleaning schedule that can be worked out every month, bi-monthly, or semi-annually based on your location’s unique needs.

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