General Policies

  • We service rain or shine, based on the customer’s request, therefore if service is not wanted due to weather, we leave it up to the customer to cancel their appointment. We will only cancel an appointment due to extreme weather. See our rain policy for information on our guarantee!
  • We request that any appointment that needs to be changed or cancelled is done prior to 24 hours before your appointment. Any job that cancels after that time or upon arrival may be subject to a trip charge. A trip charge may also apply for any service that cannot be performed due to no access to the jobsite. See our cancellation policy for more information.
  • Windows in attics, skylights and/or detached buildings are not included in pricing or serviced unless requested.
  • We request that you inform us when you schedule your appointment if any changes have been made to the house such as additions, renovations, new windows, etc. Not being aware of changes could result in scheduling errors, and price quote inconsistencies. If we are unaware of the changes prior to the work being done, we will have to re-estimate the job after the work is completed and charge accordingly.
  • We must be informed of any construction debris removal needs, such as, paint, silicone, stucco, etc. upon scheduling your appointment.
  • We highly recommend that all construction jobs cover the entire glass surface throughout the entire construction process. Any new construction jobs are required to sign our scratched glass waiver, which will be provided to you prior to the cleaning.
  • We request that you give or take a half hour to all appointment times.
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