Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters

Protecting your home from hurricanes is just a part of what Florida home and business owners deal with on a regular basis. Our team at the Window Cleaning Experts can help you protect your home or business from damage by installing your premanufactured hurricane shutters to protect against strong winds and flying debris*.

When To Install Hurricane Shutters

Any time a hurricane is predicted…

Most home and business owners don’t think about installing hurricane shutters on their property until a hurricane is heading right for their home. Unfortunately when this happens most hurricane shutter companies are booked out and will not be able to install them before the storm hits. Our team at The Window Cleaning Experts recommends taking preventative measures early. By installing hurricane shutters during the summer and fall, you can ensure that your home is protected without worrying about finding a hurricane shutter installer before the storm hits.

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How Hurricane Shutters Protect Your Home

Hurricane shutters are installed to protect the building envelope. The main cause of hurricane damage behind storm surge is the penetration of the windows and doors from flying debris. Wind alone can cause damage but it’s mainly caused by the debris breaking windows and doors that allows the wind to enter the home causing lift on the roof and outward pressure on the walls.

By protecting the windows and doors you are helping prevent the loss of the roof. Many building codes have changed and some form of hurricane protection for your windows are now a requirement. Although plywood and OSB(oriented strand board) are allowed for a Certificate of Occupancy they do not meet testing requirements and will fail much quicker than a rated system.

Expert Hurricane Shutter Installation

If you are in need of installation of your premanufactured hurricane shutters then look no further. Our team of experts can install hurricane shutters on your home or business in as little as a day to help keep your property protected. Call our experts today or contact us online to set up an estimate and installation.

* HSI limited to regular customers only. Appointments are taken in advance and scheduled to customers criteria. All efforts will be made to ensure prompt service. In order to allow our employees to prepare for a storm, No shutters will be installed one day prior to the forecasted arrival of a storm.

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