Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Ceiling fans accumulate a tremendous amount of dirt, dust, cobwebs, and allergens. Since they can be difficult to reach, especially in the case where one is installed on the second floor of a vaulted ceiling, they are often overlooked in routine cleaning. That being said, fans are often overlooked in routine cleaning. They continue to build up dust more and more until there could be a breakdown of the motor inside the system, or you may start to notice dust being blown all over your room and getting on top of your carpet, curtains, bedding, tables, sinks, and so on. Our team at Window Cleaning Experts will be able to remove those old dust bunnies and clean the blades, glass, lights and other various components.

Add-On Services

Our team at Window Cleaning Experts offers our ceiling fan cleaning service as an additional add-on service to our normal window cleaning services. Ask our window cleaning tech about having your ceiling fan cleaned when getting your quote or while we are cleaning your windows.

The Process

First, we will need to look at the fan to see where it is installed. If it is on a high ceiling, we are going to need to bring with us a ladder and special extending cleaning tools and equipment. Once everything has been thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned, the final step is for us to clean up and vacuum the dust and dirt which fell from the fan during the cleaning process.

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